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Valech Report

Deliberations of the Housing and Urban Development Department for persons included in the National Commission about Political imprisonment and torture
Valech Report


On November 28th 2004, the ex President Ricardo Lagos addressed the country to unveil the National Commission on Political Imprisonment and Torture Report, once the testimonies of those whose freedom was denied and were tortured for political reasons between September 1973 and March 1990. In his speech, the ex President exposed the actions the Government would take to mitigate the effects of the inflicted pain, understanding that the report itself is the most important event towards reparation, as it exiles forgetfulness and it vindicates the victim’s dignity.

The adopted actions include reparation pension and a preferential treat in matters of education, health and housing. Within this last issue, the Housing and Urban Development Department (MINVU) implemented actions oriented to ease access to a housing solution through ministerial programs to persons included in the report, that are mainly destined for those who do not own a house.

The measures detailed below are addressed to people included in the Valech Report, and in their absence, to their spouses.

1) Personalized Preferential Attention

800 610444 phone line to attend queries and interview requests

Personal interviews with personnel from MINVU, SEREMI and Regional SERVIU, at times previously agreed with the person.

Attention through the MINVU Website:www.minvu.cl / Contact Us Service.

Field attention in special cases with impediments to mobilize to the citation.

2) Access to Housing Programs

Through the Supreme Decree N° 176 of December 23rd 2004, MINVU awards a special additional 100 points to people interested in applying to the following programs: General Subsidy (D.S N° 240), Territorial Interest Subsidy (D.S. Nº40), Patrimonial Rehabilitation Subsidy (D.S. Nº40), and Rural Subsidy (D.S. N º 117). This measure will significantly ease the selection in the best suitable program according to the socio-economic status. Access to this measure in not time limited, which means there are no date limitations to apply.

There is another housing program, destined to families living in poverty conditions, and who wish to apply as a group to a housing project. This is the Common Share  Housing Fund (D.S. Nº155). This program allows the inclusion of families of only one person, up to a 30 %, when they are in the following situations: any sort of disability, elderly citizens, indigenous people, and persons included in the Valech Report.
On the other hand, groups are better scored for selection if their Common Shared Housing Fund projects include persons from the Valech Report, therefore this may favor their project evaluation and subsidy awarding.

As of November 2006, the Family Patrimonial Protection Program will allow to carry out improvement works on housing units and their surroundings and expanding the built surface. Both Individual and collective projects that include people from the Valech Report, will obtain better scores in the family or groups’ vulnerability factor


People from the Valech Report, who having already received prior housing benefits from the government, can apply to MINVU programs, if documentation of the loss of their property under any circumstance is provided, before November 28th 2004 (D.S. Nº176).


In the case of SERVIU’s deceased mortgage indebted, a hereditary succession equivalent to the total of the debt is awarded, including penalty interest and costs, whether a death insurance is effective or not.

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October 2006